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App Design and Development

Creative Borders has an app development team that is envied by many. Our developers in Devon have extensive experience building mobile and desktop applications for a range of technologies, including the ios (used for iPads, iPods, and iPhones) and the Android platforms.

Apps can help bring to life presentations, bring together people across the globe, and even make your shopping trip faster! Our projects range from mobilizing web content, to building fully a bespoke interactive multimedia iPad app for a cosmetics/fashion industry leader. 

Mobile App Development

We understand that different mobile platforms set different user expectations. What’s good for an iPhone app, may not work for the iPad, and vice versa. We work with you to decide which platforms are best suited for your needs, and then design an app that achieves your goals. 

Why Apps?

Be ahead of the trend! Many companies are now turning to apps to ensure that

their users and clients can get information on the go, while creating the perfect user experience.

Creative Borders have been fortunate to develop and design some incredibly innovative apps and we are keen to produce more. With an established development team and experts in user experience, there is very little we can’t accomplish for our clients.

So if you are looking to increase your user base, build a new tool to boost efficiency or bring your products to life, contact us now! Your app may be the next viral sensation.