Halloween Social Media Ideas

4 ideas for Halloween themed social media competitions

Autumn has arrived and along with it brings plenty of marketing opportunities! Halloween is the ultimate kick off to the new season, it’s time to get excited and grow your client base in time for the festive season.

Below are 4 Halloween social media competitions that you could use over the next few weeks!

1. Instagram Halloween Competition

Instagram has grown dramatically since it was launched in 2010. The platform has over 150 million active monthly users, making it a great platform to host a visual competition for your business. Recently, instagram has introduced the use of video to the platform. Use Halloween to embrace this new feature. A great Halloween themed competition could be to ask fans to capture their ‘best scare’ on film! The best scare video will win a prize. If you're not sure how competitions work on instagram, then give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

2. Pinterest Pin 2 Win

One of the post popular formats of competitions on Pinterest is ‘Pin to Win’. This is when a company will request users to 'pin' items onto a 'board' for a chance to win something.

For example, if you're a sweet company called 'Sweet Treats' the following steps might be how you host a pin 2 win competition:

1. Ask users to create a Halloween themed board such as ‘Halloween Treats’. 

2. Ask the users to pin Halloween themed food items onto that board. For each pin they upload, they must write a specific hashtag requested by you in the description of the pin e.g. #HalloweenSweetTreats. These hashtags will help you track who has enetered and also help to increase awareness of your competition.

The user with the most creative board will win a prize. How could you tailor this to fit with your company/brand?

3. Facebook photo competition

When people are thinking about Halloween, they’re mostly thinking about what costumes they’re going to wear! Why not maximize on this and create a photo competition to host on Facebook? Ask users to submit photos of their costumes for a chance to win something from your company/brand. The best costume will win a prize.

4. Twitter 

Twitter is a brilliant platform to engage with your audience. A great Halloween themed competition could be to ask fans to tweet a picture of their carved pumpkin to win a prize! Ask users to mention you, and ask them to use a specified hashtag - e.g. Hi @c_borders here's our gruesome pumpkin (insert picture) #CreativeHalloween. The user with the best pumpkin wins a prize. Not only will this increase awareness of your brand, but it will increase the conversation about your brand on Twitter.

Rules and Regulations

Whatever kind of campaign you decide to do this season on social media, make sure it abides by the platforms rules! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagam and Twitter all have their own guidleines and rules when it comes to hosting competitions on their platform. Facebook and Pinterest have recenly changed their rules so make sure you understand the regulations before you start your competition so that you don't get your social page shut down.

If you want a hand setting up a competition on a social media platform, we’re happy to help. We have created numerous competitions for companies and we're always happy to give free advice! Pop us an email or drop us a call!