Christmas newsletter tips

Christmas newsletter tips!

Christmas is just around the corner and you should be well under way with your Christmas marketing activities!

Christmas newsletters are a great way to push your Christmas sales, below are some simple email marketing tips!

Make sure you do your research on your audience and target them appropriately. Customers don’t browse stuff they are not interested in, use behavioral information and previously bought products to create content for your newsletter. Monitor what your clients have purchased in the past, if they have already purchased particular products recently, you don’t want these offers in your newsletter. Look at purchase patterns from last Christmas, is there a certain time that clients purchase products, what products were the most popular? Did certain newsletters work better than others?

You’re not the only company sending your audience Christmas newsletters so personalise your emails. Mention your customer by name and offer them special discounts for being loyal such as “we have missed you, here is 10% off” or “thanks for being a great customer, we’re offering you free delivery”.  

During Christmas you can get away with sending more newsletters out than usual. However, don’t send emails out for the sake of it! Make sure your emails are relevant to your audience and always make sure they are timed appropriately. After payday and certain times and days of the week will have better open-rate for emails. Research what days and times of the week works best for you.

Season up your newsletter and make it festive but also make sure you concentrate on the actual content. Your subject line is far more important than a pretty picture of Santa!

Your main goal is to get the newsletter opened and once this has been achieved, you want to entice your user to click through to your website/campaign. To achieve this, you need to be imaginative with your content.

Creating a sense of urgency in your newsletters is a great way to entice your audience and maximize on your click through rates. Limited time offers such as ‘last chances for free delivery’, ‘selling out fast’ or ‘last chance to get 20% off’ will prompt users to bite the bullet and click on your offers.

Optimise your emails for mobiles. Research has shown that conversions on a device are far greater than a desktop. If your sending your clients emails that they cannot engage with on their device, then there is a high chance they wont open an email from you again. With 61% of brand emails now being opened and read on a mobile or tablet device, making your newsletters mobile friendly is something you should be taking seriously.