Creative Borders and CREASIS

We’re proud to announce that Creative Borders and Stasis Media have formed a new entity called ‘CREASIS

So what’s CREASIS?

At Creative Borders, we work on numerous development projects, large and small, from big app development to small website design. For large development projects, rather than doing it in-house, we usually work with Stasis Media; a Plymouth based development company. We do this so we can deliver large web and app developments quicker. After working together on numerous projects over the past year, we thought, why not start a company together?

We decided to join forces and created a new entity called ‘CREASIS’.

What does this mean?

We’re still Creative Borders! What this means is that if you approach us with some large development work, depending on the project, we might put it under the CREASIS brand instead of Creative Borders. There is a huge demand for high quality development that meets the needs of large companies and with CREASIS, we can provide the perfect service.

CREASIS means that you’re using high quality designers and developers that will provide quality work, on time and on budget, no matter how large your development is.

So, if you have a large development project but not sure who to call, then give us a shout at Creative Borders and we can tell you how CREASIS can help!