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Digital Services

Video and Animation

Animation and video allows your company to communicate its brand and message quickly and creatively. Nothing grabs attention more than a well-placed video or animation on a website, presentation, or app. 

At Creative Borders, we have animation specialists that bring your message to life. No matter what you need, we can ensure that it leaves a lasting impression

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Social Media Training

Social media has grown dramatically in recent years. It’s a phrase that everyone uses, but no one explains. Creative Borders is here to help. 

We’re here to help you optimise your social media presence, and fully utilize it as a tool for your business. 

We also provide social media training for companies and individuals at all skill levels. This includes tutorials, workshops, and developing full-blown social media strategies.  

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Design and Development

We don’t just design and develop websites at Creative Borders; we also create apps, produce print material and work with you to develop brand materials and guidelines

Our team of skilled designers and developers are here for you to produce engaging and stylish projects that set you apart from your competitors

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Digital Marketing

Let Creative Borders align your offline marketing strategy with the online. The digital landscape is ever changing, and we’re here to help you navigate it. We know how to promote your business online, and how to optimise your digital presence, including SEO.

Our digital marketing services include content creation, SEO, social media, email marketing, digital strategy, and analytics analysis.

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Content Management

Need to get content updated on your website, but just don’t have the time or manpower? Let us help! Websites frequently need to be updated with content, not only to keep it current, but also for SEO purposes (Search Engine Optimisation).

We know that not everyone has the time or skills to update their content. Creative Borders provide numerous packages and services for companies who are looking for help with their online content. From simply uploading your original content, to generating it ourselves, we’ll have the right package that works for you.

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