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At Creative Borders, we understand that every new business has to start somewhere and launching into the digital world can be daunting. As you start your business, it’s hard knowing what to do and where to focus your efforts. That’s where we come in. We help start up companies to build their online presence, and gain brand recognition. 

For an example of our capabilities of a new company we built an online presence for, on a shot time scale and with limited budget, please read below:

Company: Annings Fruit Cider

Industry: Food and Drink

Market Share: Annings Fruit Cider are a Cider company based in Devon. Their product is stocked in a variety of public houses, restaurants, farm stores and department stores— including John Lewis. 

annings cider site
annings fruit cider site
annings cider development
annings fruit cider photo

The ScenarioAnnings Fruit Cider was founded in summer of 2012 and was popular from day one. However, they did not have a website that properly showcased their brand for consumers and wholesale buyers. Annings Fruit Cider knew they had to increase their digital presence, but were unsure how to do it on a limited budget. 

The SolutionAfter discussing where they expected their business to grow, it was obvious that they would need a website where dealers could log in and order stock and where consumers could buy gifts. This future website would need to be responsive, and have an e-commerce section. 

However, due to limited budget, this is something they could not pursue straight away so Creative Borders came up with another solution.

We designed a temporary site that would showcase their products, and provide information about the brand to potential dealers and consumers.

To supplement the site, Creative Borders worked with Annings Fruit Cider to create engaging social media competitions that increased their brand awareness on social media platforms and drove traffic to the website; increasing sales.

The Result: Annings Fruit Cider have a holding website that showcases their product and their brand. It helps potential clients and suppliers find out more about them. 

Through the power of social media, they are increasing their awareness and sales each day. As they win new contracts, it allows them to further their goal of having a site that  takes them to the next level. We look forward to working with them to get them there.  

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