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Project Details

Having a website to attract your target audience is sometimes not enough. At Creative Borders, we think of ways companies can attract their target audience through other methods.

For an example of this, please read below.

Company: Deadgoodundies 

Industry: Male Underwear & Swimwear

Market Share: Deadgoodundies are a leader in selling men’s underwear and swimwear online.

Comic strip marketing campaign 1
Comic strip marketing campaign site
Comic strip marketing campaign 2

The Scenario: Deadgoodundies have a strong returning client base but they wanted to increase the awareness of their company online, and attract new markets. Deadgoodundies wanted to produce images or a piece of content that could be shared on various social media networks and image sharing sites.

The Solution: Creative Borders analysed the client market of Deadgoodundies and the type of client they wanted to attract. From this, Creative Borders decided that comic strips would be a brilliant piece of content to share on various networks. Using the humour of the target market, Creative Borders created a series of comic strips that would be rolled out weekly across social media platforms and image sharing sites.

The Result: The project has just started and it’s proving to be a great success. There has been a dramatic increase in traffic to the Deadgoodundies website, increasing sales. The awareness of Deadgoodundies on social media networks has grown resulting in an increase of people liking and following their pages. We will keep you updated on the project.

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