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Project Details

Company: Crealy Meadows

Industry: Travel and Leisure

Market Share: Crealy Meadows is a leader in the South West leisure industry, and is affiliated with one of the largest attractions in the area, Crealy Great Adventure Parks.


Crealy great adventure parks camping site
Crealy meadows exeter

The Scenario: Crealy Meadows opened in 2012, and their website launched at the same time the park did. As a result, staff were overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all.

The Solution: Creative Borders were called in to keep the website up to date with fresh and original content.

As Crealy Meadows was open during the peak season seven days a week, they needed a company that did not keep traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5:30 business hours. We were chosen to manage their website content as we understood that changes flagged on a Saturday can’t wait until Monday.  

We support Crealy Meadows 100% in their content management through image editing, text updates, and overall website maintenance. The result of which is a website that is always up to date and fully supported all day, every day. 

Creative Borders is a 24/7 full service agency, and are always just a phone call away. Contact us today to discuss how our content management services can help you. 

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