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Project Details

All Social Media platforms are not created equal. Not sure which one you need to grow your business? Creative Borders can help you decide. 

Social Media is how your clients interact with your company and brand on a variety of platforms. This usually includes Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and many other sites. 

At Creative Borders we have highly trained Social Media experts with years of experience, here to help you reach your customers on a platform that gets results.

For an example of a recent Social Media campaign win we put together, please see below. 

Company: Deadgoodundies

Industry: Retail Clothing

Market Share: Deadgoodundies is a retail site that sells hand-selected men’s undergarments and swimwear. Based in the UK, they do business worldwide, and ship internationally.

DGU lucky pants slide
lucky pants campaign slide 2

The Scenario: Deadgoodundies had a social media presence, but wanted to expand their customer base, and increase overall brand awareness. 

SolutionCreative Borders undertook a comprehensive research survey to understand the existing customer demographic. This allowed us to understand the client base Deadgoodundies was wishing to further attract. From there we were able to brainstorm how to appeal to this specific niche. 

Working with Deadgoodundies, we came up with a unique Social Media campaign – ‘Lucky Pants’ The idea behind which is that pants are an essential item in every man’s wardrobe, and our client should be the go-to source to buy them. 

Slogans included: 

Lucky Pants, some men buy them, some men don’t. 

Lucky Pants Matter - Dead Good Undies; let all your pants be lucky…

Based on our research survey, we decided an edgy playful campaign would best suit Deadgoodundies. We created a Facebook competition that would ask users to send a picture of a ‘Lucky’ or ‘Unlucky’ scenario.  The idea being that good things happen when you wear Deadgoodundies, and bad things happen when you don’t.  Facebook was our chosen platform, as it would allow full editorial control of the photos posted.

The competition photos were further tweeted from the Deadgoodundies Twitter account. This maximized the social media presence for the competition, while raising additional awareness for the brand. 

At the end of the competition, Facebook and Twitter followers had increased by 50%.

The competition was such a success, that we are working with Deadgoodundies on their next one. 

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