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Project Details

Company: Safeguard Nautica

Industry: Nautical Transport Maintenance

Market Share: As a new startup, Safeguard Nautica was seeking to carve out their place in a very niche market. 

safeguard nautica branding
safeguard nautica responsive website
business cards

The Scenario: Safeguard Nautica had a great idea for a business, but didn’t know how to go about branding itself to prospective clients and business community. 

The Solution: Creative Borders worked closely with the team at Safeguard Nautica to understand their business goals and directives. From there we were able to develop a brand and brand guidelines that worked with their business, that would grow alongside the company. The result of which is a unique and original look that fundamentally represents who Safeguard Nautica are, and what they are about. Their brand also helps their future website development and design decisions, as they already have a cohesive image and look to draw inspiration from. 

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