Halloween Social Media Ideas

4 ideas for Halloween themed social media competitions

Autumn has arrived and along with it brings plenty of marketing opportunities! Halloween is the ultimate kick off to the new season, it’s time to get excited and grow your client base in time for the festive season.

Below are 4 Halloween social media competitions that you could use over the next few weeks!

1. Instagram Halloween Competition

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digital marketing facts

Fact Friday! 11 digital marketing facts you should know!

  1. Did you know that the use of video on landing pages has increased by 87%?
  2. It’s time to get some moving image happening, videos get 267% more links than normal posts!
  3. 58% of your audience will stop watching a video after 90 seconds so make sure that 90 seconds is spot on!
  4. The use of video on a website will keep prospect customers on site up to 2 minutes longer... get the camcorder out! 
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article pins

Pinterest announces pins for articles

If you use Pinterest for your business, you will know that Pinterest is a great source of referral traffic to your website (or desired location). 

Previously, if you wanted to pin a blog or an article onto pInterest it will show the image you have used but not much else. HOWEVER, today, Pinterest announced a new type of pin, article pins!

Article pins are just what they say on the tin, they are pins, for articles!

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10 twitter tips for businesses

10 Twitter tips for businesses

1. Define your purpose and goals 

Why do you want to be on Twitter? Is it to increase awareness of your brand? Is to increase sales? Is it to become a thought leader in your industry? Is it to make friends? Every company will have different goals, there are no wrong or right goals so decide why you want to be on Twitter and this will help you focus your tweets.

2. Get a list of keywords (hashtags) together 

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Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas

Did you say CHRISTMAS?!

It might be August but now is the time of the year that companies are getting started on their social media campaigns and marketing projects for the festive period!

If you’re a business and want to make the most out of social media during Christmas, then it’s time to get your thinking cap on and come up with some marketing ideas that will maximise your traffic and sales during the festive period.

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Digital Marketing - What next

digital marketing question time

A new year means that it's time to do an audit of your digital procedures. How much are you spending on your website per month? Too much? What are you doing in your marketing? Have you got a plan? Becky looks at the questions you should be asking yourself.

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How to go viral on social media

so you want to go viral? some simple tips

I want to go viral! Well, it's not that easy but Becky is here to give some simple tips on getting the best chance of going viral with your content you have created.

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