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Web Design and Development

Web competition has never been fiercer. Help your site stand out from the crowd with a creative design that is both attractive and functional.

Whether you need a new website, want to update your existing one, or need to maximize the effectiveness of your current site, Creative Borders can help.

Development Customisation

We understand that every site is unique, with its own set of goals and objectives. With that in mind, we work with you to understand your business. This includes analyzing your market, competitors, and current analytics to create a site that can grow alongside your company.

We believe what makes us unique as an agency is that we listen to our clients. We create sites that are user friendly, but also meet business objectives.

Client Service Commitment

We strongly believe that technology is not one size fits all, and have a strict policy not to let tech dictate a project. Unlike other agencies, we select the platform and solution that best meets the requirements of your project. We do not have just one preferred CMS (Content Management System), and we work with our clients to explain the benefits to each system before any selection is made.

Training and Tech Support

After your site is built, we provide training to you and your staff to ensure you are comfortable using and updating it. We also provide ongoing support to guarantee that the site is working for you the way you need it to.

Building a website can be an intimidating process—it’s a large investment, and many agencies will insist on using specific platforms you don’t need, as well as throw out technical jargon that’s hard to understand. Let Creative Borders take the guesswork out of the process, and create a site that’s easy to use, with a process that’s easy to follow.

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